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Did that title get your attention? Haha! Confession: Platinum by Miranda Lambert is kind of my anthem 😉 But on a more serious note…

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone! 2014 was such an incredible year. It was my first year as Kirstyn Marie Photography and I don’t think it could have treated me any better. I continue to count my blessing every day. So many INCREDIBLE people have come into my life all because of a leap of faith. A dream to do something bigger. 2014 turned out the way it did because of courage. Because of confidence.

Because one day a girl, who at the time owned a little Canon rebel with a lens kit, sat in an office. In front of a boss who told her pink was too loud.

Who told her tattoos were not allowed. Hair that blonde needed to be pinned back.


All because that girl stood up and walked out. Blonde hair, tattoos, and all–walked out.

Here is what a lot of people won’t tell you on their blogs about leaving their corporate job and chasing a dream: It isn’t always perfect. In the beginning….there WILL be days when Ramen Noodles are whats for dinner. There WILL be trips to Coinstar. But it’s all worth it. We joke about #thestrugglereal — I guess it is. But on those days looking back I never really saw it as a struggle. It doesn’t feel like a struggle when you are doing what you love.

It isn’t easy. But it’s worth it.

2014 was a full year of being and embracing myself.

2014 was a year of grabbing life by the horns. Or antlers. Whatever works.


This year taught me that hard work does pay off. It taught me that confidence is key. And that photography is my blessing.

So as I sit in my office (no longer in the kitchen of a little apartment) typing this goodbye to 2014, I’d like to share a quote from a frame that now sits on my desk.

There are few things more beautiful on a person than confidence. Women who wear it radiate strength, passion, and conviction. It contributes more to a look than a designer label or the perfect diamond. When a woman knows who she is, why she is, and what she’s supposed to do, she may be dressed in thrift store specials and be absolutely gorgeous.

A confident woman is not afraid to be herself. Plain and simple and beautiful, or flamboyant and fabulous.

The key is: she knows who she is. She understands her purpose, and her gifts. She knows that there are certain things only she can contribute to this world, at this time, in this place.


She knows her style. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer zebra stripes and pink fur, or to be cloaked in grays and subtle greens. Whether you like volleyball or Victorian teas.

Shopping or hiking.

Or all of the above.

What is most important is to be you.


Leaving 2014, I want to thank all of my friends, family, and incredible clients: Please know that when I say I view you as one in the same…I mean it! Your love and support has helped me create this life that I love so very much.

As for 2015…CHEERS. I hope you have a safe and beautiful holiday.

See you in the new year, it’s going to be fabulous.

xoxo, Kirstyn

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