Sierra + Steve | Another Adventure Begins



These days it almost goes without saying. During the Spring months, into early Summer and the Fall months my family just kind of knows they won’t see much of me. They get it, they understand it and most importantly, they believe in me and support me running my own business 100%. It’s always makes me smile when we talk about getting excited for the winter months when we all get to see each other way more.  Sierra isn’t related to me by blood but that hasn’t ever really stopped us from being family. Even my own sister recognizes her as my other sister haha! SO when she called me in the midst of busy season and casually mentioned she wanted to get lunch and talk about something..I blurted, without any hesitation, “You’re pregnant!” And then came her semi-long pause, solidifying my assumption…not that I had any doubt…what is a best friend for if not to read your mind?…The pause was followed by UGH I didn’t want to tell you over the phone!!! I’ve never been the patient type I suppose. Thankfully, Sierra accepts me for me…impatient ways and all. Immediately we began planning this shoot!! Busy season or not…when your best friend has this kind of announcement you make it work. It’s getting late…and I could go on and on about how much I loved the way this gorgeous little shoot came together and how much I admire the woman, wife, and mom that Sierra has become but it all goes without saying. OH I CANNOT WAIT to find out if I will be having another niece or nephew 😀 😀 In the meantime…look at these beauties….



Ending with my favorite…. oh Sierra. Staaaaaaph ittttt.



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