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I always ask my couples how they got engaged, and to make sure none of the details are missed, I have them tell me about it again via their welcome questionnaire. When I went back to read their engagement story I was wide eyed with love to see that LUKE wrote me, in HIS own words the story of how he proposed. And oh man did he do good!!! The setting was DISNEY WORLD! WHAT! Already crazy magical! But it was the little things that truly stuck out to me when it came to the story of their proposal. After they checked into their resort and began getting ready Paige could only find her waterproof mascara. Ready for this? Luke had purposely hid her regular mascara so that it wouldn’t run later…OMG…WHAT! How amazing is he?! Of course, he took care of the other important aspects: All of her friends were safely hidden at the gorgeous proposal spot along with a secret photographer. Once they arrived at the perfect spot, he spun her around…which he noted he always does for fun (We totally did this in their session too!!) and when this gorgeous girl spun back around there he was on one knee, asking her to marry him. I know I know…there are not enough “Can’t Evens” to express. I just adore these two, their love is so contagious and I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING Paige has planned for her Portsmouth Woman’s Club wedding in August. This will be the last wedding I shoot before the baby arrives and I’m so thankful it is these two that I will be spending that time with!

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