Morgan & Greg | Inspiring Sweet Briar College Engagement Session



This will be really hard for me to keep short. When Morgan and I first started chatting about engagement session locations and she mentioned Sweet Briar College I was immediately on board. I had heard in the past just how beautiful this campus is and when Morgan explained to me that her beloved alma mater was closing–I knew just how special and important this location was. Right away I fell in love with this place when we arrived. Everything about Sweet Briar College makes you feel instantly connected and loyal to its history, meaning, and purpose. Before meeting up with Morgan & Greg, we drove around a bit and I kept saying to Andrew, “How can this place be closing?…It’s so perfect. I even love the air here.”

We met with Morgan & Greg not long after a bit of exploring and just like the amazing campus, I felt instantly connected with these two. Morgan, in an instant, turned me into not just a  huge Sweet Briar College fan and supporter, but a super fan of Greg and Morgan as a couple!! It goes without saying, because it is so obvious in their photos–they were pros. When a couple trusts me, my judgement of light, and direction in terms of posing, the result is a session like this. It’s like this perfect collaboration of love and photography that reminds me of why I started doing this to begin with. We chatted, we laughed, we got photo-bombed by horses (and even after years of riding horses, I learned that they love peanut butter crackers…hahaha!!), and after spending time with this couple at this campus…I honestly didn’t want to leave! We shot until there wasn’t any light left and I have to be honest…I was a little sad knowing that this would be my first and last time visiting Sweet Briar College. There was still this tiny little bit of hope though, that the beautiful college could still somehow be saved. I was however, so thankful for Morgan and Greg. Their session was such a refreshing and inspirational shoot for me–as simple as it may have seemed. Sometimes simple stuff like this can really change the way you look at things. So yes, we did leave Sweet Briar College that day with a little tinge of sadness in our hearts but isn’t that the beauty of photography? These photos will last a lifetime for this couple and I am able to deliver and keep a promise to revisit SBC through these images. To say I cannot wait for their wedding is the understatement of the year.

Fast forward a bit. Two and a half weeks ago I sent this beautiful bride a text, somewhere along the lines of “Is it true?!?! Sweet Briar is going to stay open?!?!?!” AND YES! It’s true!!! After raising 21 million dollars in 3 months and after a lot of praying the #SaveSweetBriar movement has prevailed!!!! And so I will end my little(haha I told you this was not going to be easy to keep short!) blog with an incredible statement posted on

“We have moved a mountain.  We have saved Sweet Briar College for a new era under new leadership.  Because of you, future generations of Sweet Briar women will be well-equipped to lead lives of significance, and perhaps, change the world.  We have kept the legacy bequeathed to us and reminded everyone what Indiana Fletcher Williams meant when she wrote the word “perpetuity” into her Will as she established a women’s college in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.”






Annnd let me just throw in the random photo bomb! Hahhaha!! Greg and Morgan are such troopers!









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