Katy + Chris | First Landing State Park Engagement Session


I knew this engagement session would be so much fun. I met Katy and Chris at one of my favorite weddings with some of my favorite people: Alanna & Greg! AND Katy is Alanna’s little sister who just so happened to catch the bouquet…standby for the flash back 😀


Ahhh!!! I LOVE THESE TWO!! And this WHOLE family!!! SO I know Katy and Chris will have the most amazing wedding and I am so incredibly honored to capture it in New Hampshire next year! Katy and Chris met after moving to DC and spending a lot of time together on a work assignment that had them traveling together — including 12 hours of car travel every week. ( I think Andy would have run for the hills if he had to spend that much time with me in a car every week… HAHAH but Katy is pretty much AHHHH-Mazing so I see why Chris fell for her 🙂 ) Needless to say their wedding at the Bedford Village Inn in New Hamp-ie(IDK it’s a new thing for me??? I’m sure the New England folk wouldn’t like my annoying abbreviations. Hehehehe … Katy what do you think?!) Oh I’m done rambling! I’m hoping Chris is safely back in America by now or hopefully very soon so that these two love birds can take a look at these together!! I love you guys!! xx


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