Happy Birthday & a Six Month Update

Today is important for two reasons. It is my wonderful husbands BIRTHDAY–and I go all out for every birthday…but that’s next week…you’ll see 🙂 Today ALSO marks SIX MONTHS since Andrew’s accident! I remember back in the hospital we talked a lot about the ‘Six Month Mark’. It was a milestone we would get anxious about and wonder what it would be like…because it is ALL the doctors would talk about. “Well…we will see in six months or so.”   “Let’s just get to six months.”  and so on… GOSH here we are!! Looking back it is crazy to think how far he has progressed in just this short amount of time. And while most things in life typically ‘fly by’  I will say it really has not. It has been A LOT of work on Andrew’s part. He is adjusting to a whole new way of life and as he continues to work his butt off in therapy…his arm is slowly getting stronger. I try to imagine being in his shoes sometimes and I honestly don’t see how he does it with such ease and grace–despite constantly being in pain. You don’t realize how much you use two hands until you see someone who only has use of one. Moreover, I’ve never seen him get frustrated…he’s so determined and driven. I watch him and how creative he is with living life…the little things like getting dressed, putting on shoes, taking a shower, cooking, driving, going to the gym….he just makes it work and he does it with the same smile, laugh, and crazy sense of humor that I fell in love with. Of course there are somethings he can’t do…but that’s where I come in. We have our routines and we have gotten really good at them. Even his wound care is a breeze for me nowadays and I’m so desensitized to pretty much everything…maybe I was a trauma nurse in a previous life hehehe! Now we are awaiting another really big phone call / appointment that will mean the world to us if all goes well. It will give Andrew the best chance with one of the best doctors in the world to get his life back to normal functioning! We pray A LOT. We know you guys are praying for us too and we are forever grateful. I think we are going to win this.

So to my husband on his birthday and miracle man milestone …I am still so obsessed with you. You make my heart and life so full. I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished–you are my HERO. You are my everything, my inspiration, and my soulmate. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us…it’s going to be amazing. Anything involving you is amazing after all. I love you Andrew!

Lastly, a special thank you to the incredibly talented Shannon Moffit of Shannon Moffit Photography…we will cherish these images forever. We love them and you!

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