Eleven Months of Hudson Hawk

I have been Hudson Hawk’s mom for eleven months today. I can’t believe my sweet baby is almost a year old. And while I have heavily photographed him since day one, this is one of my first full blog posts dedicated to JUST HH!! One of my goals now that Hudson, Andrew, and I have a new routine is sharing our story more. 🙂 Nowadays, HH is MOBILE. He is into EVERYTHING and never slows down. He is incredibly strong willed, has the biggest heart, and he loves cuddling when he isn’t exploring. Chicken, pasta, green beans, rice, mashed potatoes, beef stew…Hudson loves ALL the food. He’s a mommas boy…for SURE…and I love it. Hudson loves going for walks, watching Moana (we know every single line…), swimming, feeding the dogs his food, and books…he’s obsessed with books. And his stats…because I know ya’ll were waiting for these…HAHA! He’s almost 30 inches long and weighs 27 pounds. BEAST. I’d give ya more, but duty calls. HH is a true Romanian…possibly a vampire…or so his sleeping habits would suggest.

Below is what happens when you take his book to get a few snaps without Where is Spot.

Annnnd what happens when you give it back. All is well.






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