Dear 17-year-old Kirstyn, How I wish I could have written to you when you were this age. Although, something tells me you’d just shoot over a classic nod and grin…that same one you’d shoot when people flooded you with those warnings on just how fast these years would fly by. Once they looked away you’d […]

      Oh my goodness what a YEAR it has been!! I haven’t done one of these behind the scenes posts before so I figured this year would be best since I was pregnant for HALF of it! I shot my entire Winter/Spring/Summer season pregnant and it honestly was not bad at all! I […]

  These days it almost goes without saying. During the Spring months, into early Summer and the Fall months my family just kind of knows they won’t see much of me. They get it, they understand it and most importantly, they believe in me and support me running my own business 100%. It’s always makes […]

Today is important for two reasons. It is my wonderful husbands BIRTHDAY–and I go all out for every birthday…but that’s next week…you’ll see 🙂 Today ALSO marks SIX MONTHS since Andrew’s accident! I remember back in the hospital we talked a lot about the ‘Six Month Mark’. It was a milestone we would get anxious […]

  This will be really hard for me to keep short. When Morgan and I first started chatting about engagement session locations and she mentioned Sweet Briar College I was immediately on board. I had heard in the past just how beautiful this campus is and when Morgan explained to me that her beloved alma […]

Oh man. I’ve been avoiding this one. Ok, here it goes. People always say be grateful for what you have because you never know when life can change in an instant. I am definitely a product of that quote and I certainly feel myself preaching it nowadays quite often. We are coming up on the […]

Oh the bride. One of my favorite things to photograph and a top tier reason why I decided to be exclusive to weddings this year is the bride. I believe, with everything in me, there are few things more beautiful than a Bride. Besides being adorned in a gorgeous gown…I love that they truly glow–and […]

Did that title get your attention? Haha! Confession: Platinum by Miranda Lambert is kind of my anthem 😉 But on a more serious note… It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone! 2014 was such an incredible year. It was my first year as Kirstyn Marie Photography and I don’t think it could […]






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