Behind the Scenes 2016




Oh my goodness what a YEAR it has been!! I haven’t done one of these behind the scenes posts before so I figured this year would be best since I was pregnant for HALF of it! I shot my entire Winter/Spring/Summer season pregnant and it honestly was not bad at all! I have the best brides and the best second shooters — and if you ask anyone — I DID NOT slow down! Now a lot of my industry pals have fabulous behind the scenes photos and look pretty shooting…let me warn you now…I’m not that girl. It was a sweaty, shiny face summer haha…well and I was pregnant so there’s that too. HAHA! My last wedding before giving birth was in the beginning of August. Hudson Hawk made his debut on August 31 and I went back to work on October 8th. I finally remembered to ask my girl Erika to take some behind the scenes photos at one of my weddings this past October…since ya know..I wasn’t preggers anymore! Anyways, I’ll stop blabbing and get onto the photos. I was so blessed in 2016 in so many ways. I shot 28 beautiful weddings and I gave birth to the most amazing little babe that I am absolutely head over heels with. Thank you to everyone who supported and gave myself and my little family so much love…I love you all so much!

Above…semi pregnant…below VERY PREGNANT…haha!! That was actually my last wedding before the baby came!

Then my man came….

Back to work….with the lens that is going to give me carpal tunnel someday …haha!

Alex’s wedding was a fav, so it’s only appropriate that I have a bunch from her amazing day…at of COURSE the Signature 😉 

I’m a professional dress carrier and dress fluffer in case you were wondering.

I also tilt my head before I shoot just like when I try on clothes…

Annnd a boob adjuster when necessary….(I can’t believe I’m adding this one in.)

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