Alexa + John | Potomac Point Winery Engagement


I’m sitting here in this hotel in Baltimore, the night before a very big day for us at Johns Hopkins and I can’t help but feel extra thankful for this journey I am on as a wedding photographer. It has been such a blessing in so many ways but especially this year …as selfish as it may sound…for me. When I drove up to Potomac Point Winery I knew I was on my way to a beautiful escape with an amazing couple. It was just that in and more. My mom came with me and we grabbed lunch at Potomac Point’s wonderfully quaint, yet chic cafe. We sipped on a glass of their special Fall sangria and I couldn’t help but get so pumped for Alexa and John’s arrival. My excitement met its match with these two. They were so wonderfully natural in front of the camera and followed direction so flawlessly. John LOVES Alexa so much and it is so evident! And Alexa?! OMG She’s so incredibly sweet and GORGEOUS! I am so excited for their wedding next year! Now I will let these images speak for themselves…prepare to swoon…

Potomac Point Winery Wedding Photography_0029





Potomac Point Winery Wedding Photography_0025


Potomac Point Winery wedding photographerPotomac Point Winery wedding photographerPotomac Point Winery Wedding Photography_0026Potomac Point Winery Wedding Photography_0027

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