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Hi there! I’m Kirstyn. I was born and raised in beautiful Virginia and I specialize in authentic, timeless wedding photography. I am passionate about capturing genuine moments. If you are a joyful bride and your goal is to have your wedding day captured and preserved in a way that will bring you back to that day for generations to come, you are in the right place. 


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I was born in Virginia Beach where the majority of my time was spent at the beach or riding my horses—I preferred ribbons on the wall instead of wearing them in my hair. I met my husband at a halloween party and it wasn’t until I married him that I became a photographer that exclusively focused on weddings. He is my best friend and has shown me just how powerful love is. We have two German Shepherd dogs named Abbey and Tank (his name fits him…trust me!). We spend a lot of time outdoors and love traveling. They are my little family and I think one of my husband’s favorite parts of my career is that I come home every Saturday filled with SO MUCH love after being at a wedding all day. Lets be honest, its my favorite part of my job too: I’m surrounded by the happiest people in the world. That blissfulness totally rubs off on you. 


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I am a summer-time-loving, warm weather girl through and through. Give me days where the only shoes I need are flip flops.

I have a weakness for iced lattes and Anthropologie candles. 

I talk to my dogs like they are baby humans. To me, they kind of are.

I LOVE to travel with my husband. But there is also nothing quite like the coziness of being home, with all of our favorite tv shows at our immediate disposal. 

My brides usually become my BFFs. I like it this way. 


I believe that every moment, no matter how mundane or ordinary, is filled with emotion and purpose. As your photographer, my goal is to create a comfortable, relaxed environment that allows these types of real, authentic, and meaningful moments to happen. The preservation of memories is what truly drives me. I think it's the feeling I receive after spending hours digging through stacks of old photos...the kind of photos that bring to life the stories from the past. I look back at my own photos from my wedding day and I’m taken right back to that day in September. Photographs have the ability to move you…they can take you back to a time in your life or a moment that has otherwise passed. I believe everyone deserves that type of fulfillment from their wedding day photography. My goal and my purpose, is capture and preserve your story in a way that will continue to bring you back to that day for generations to come.




Each collection is designed with a minimum of eight hours of wedding day coverage, a complimentary engagement session, a high resolution gallery of your professionally edited images, and more. Consultation and photography timeline planning is also included in your experience. Developing relationships with my brides is important to me and I believe the best wedding photography experiences happen when my couples and I click. Your photographer shouldn't be a random stranger showing up on your most important, special and intimate day. I truly look forward to getting to know you! Additional options including bridal portraits, boudoir, and additional coverage time may be added on and customized to fit your needs. Although based in Virginia, we are available for worldwide travel and have photographed weddings in Europe and multiple locations throughout the United States. 




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My love for photography has been with me for as long as I can remember. But it wasn't until I got married and began experiencing life changing events that I felt it become a part of me. My husband is the reason why I am a wedding photographer. He is my best friend and inspires me to be a better, stronger person. He is the reason why I believe in soulmates and even though it drives him crazy, he looks lovingly past my makeup scattered across the bathroom sink and the ridiculous amount of hair products. 


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We live in Virginia with our German Shepherds...who I am overly obsessed with and refer to as my baby. I love the kind of laughter that produces sore abs. I'm a believer in love, glitter, and especially the color pink. I come from the days of obsessing over NSync and the Limited Too...I had way too many gel pens and creative AIM away messages were definitely a forte. Some days I love the glitter of Vegas lights and fast paced dream chasers. And then other days I find myself drawing inspiration from an old Polaroid of my grandpa and other past memories doused with southern soul.



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